4 Big Reasons to Tune In to Deepavali 2020 Shows

With a slew of entertainment shows planned throughout the Deepavali season, there’s no reason to feel bored at home this festive season! Whether you’re celebrating with family in Singapore, or missing your loved ones overseas, here are some ways to connect virtually and usher in the Festival of Lights together.

1. Get yourself into the Deepavali mood

This year, every family can enjoy the music, dance and drama extravaganza that is Thithikum Deepavali Utsavam together! For the first time, this music, dance and drama extravaganza will be held indoors and broadcast live from MediaCorp Studios, right into the hearts and homes of all Singaporeans. Headlined by popular Vasantham celebrity hosts Saravanan Ayyavoo, Udaya, Jay Nesh, Karthikeyan and Sajini, catch the Light-Up and a night of amazing performances as they get ready to kick off the Deepavali festivities for Singapore.

Thithikum Deepavali Utsavam
When: 3 October 2020, 7:00pm
Where: Live broadcast on Vasantham

2. Gather the fam for this annual countdown

Get ready to party with Thithikkum Amarkala Deepavali 2020! The show promises a star-studded visual treat with exhilarating songs and energetic dance performances. At the stroke of midnight, Vasantham’s favourite personalities will fill the stage and usher in the Festival of Lights with us together as one.

Coming to you live from MediaCorp Studios, this year’s lineup of artistes includes Elamaran, Vishnu Balaji, Pavithra Nair, Janani Iyer, Kaushik, SIFAS, Baratha Arts, and many more! For all the fans of Yaar Antha Star 2020, there’s a bonus treat in store – catch winner Meenakshy and finalists Durgashini, Sneha and Sathya again as they lend their beautiful voices to the Amarkala Deepavali Countdown Concert. You heard it here first!

Amarkala Deepavali Countdown Concert
When: 13 November 2020, 10:00pm – 12:30am
Where: Live broadcast on Vasantham

3. Share our Singapore-style festivities with overseas family and friends

Happy Deepavali from Singapore to the world! The Mega Deepavali Online Show showcases Deepavali as it is celebrated uniquely in multicultural Singapore. It features songs, dances, and skits by local celebrities and performing groups, and includes a specially commissioned video about Little India and a new Deepavali Community Song.

Friends in the USA, UK, Australia, France, Tokyo, Manila, Malaysia, UAE, and India will be able to tune in to the broadcast on their local participating TV channels. You can also catch the live screening on our FB page. It’s a great way to celebrate Deepavali 2020 with friends and family around the world, even if we can’t be physically in the same place!

Mega Deepavali Online Show
When: 14 November 2020, 10:00am – 12:00pm
Where: LiSHA’s Facebook page and participating international TV platforms

4. Relive the Deepavali Story in this interactive drama

A colourful virtual drama, Dheebam is a live retelling of the Deepavali Story performed in English. A new initiative sees Dheebam taking to a virtual platform this year, with certain components pre-recorded in locations around Little India. Anticipate colourful costumes, special props, and catchy dance numbers incorporated into the drama narrative. The twist: YOU can play a part in Dheebam, as the drama takes an interactive approach between the artists and online audiences!

Dheebam – The Deepavali Story
When: 22 November 2020. 5:00pm
Where: LiSHA’s Facebook page

Lights, colours, songs, and dance have always been an integral part of Deepavali celebrations and this year doesn’t have to be any different. With these exciting shows broadcast on TV or online, the spirit of Deepavali will be shining bright from homes all across Singapore!

If you’re planning to host a watch party for family and friends in your own home, do remember to observe social distancing and health safety measures for an enjoyable and worry-free time!