7 Festive Events You Don’t Wanna Miss!

Although the formal national holiday is only one day long, Deepavali celebrations actually run from October to early December. From countdown concerts to community events, and even an international show, here are seven festival highlights (yes, pun intended) that you don’t want to miss!

1. The Deepavali Street Light-Up Ceremony

No Singaporean Deepavali celebration is complete without our annual street light up! A beloved feature of our cultural festivals, the light up is one way that all Singaporeans can celebrate Deepavali together. Launched from a specially designed float, the Deepavali Light-Up Ceremony will be broadcast live on MediaCorp’s Vasantham as well as other digital platforms. We’ve had chariots, elephants, and peacocks in the past. Tune in to find out what this year’s design will be, as the float takes us on a virtual tour of this year’s dazzling street light-up.

Deepavali Street Light-Up
When: 3 October – 6 December 2020 (Light-Up Ceremony: 3 Oct, 7:30pm)
Where: Little India, Singapore

2. Deepavali Utsavam – The Evening Show

Thithikum Deepavali Utsavam – The Evening Show takes a new approach this year. For the first time, this music, dance and drama extravaganza will be held indoors and broadcast live from MediaCorp Studios, right into the hearts and homes of all Singaporeans. Headlined by popular Vasantham celebrity hosts Saravanan Ayyavoo, Udaya, Jay Nesh, Karthikeyan and Sajini, catch the Light-Up and a night of amazing performances as they get ready to kick off the Deepavali festivities for Singapore.

Thithikum Deepavali Utsavam
When: 3 October 2020, 7:00pm (Light-Up Ceremony begins at 7:30pm)
Where: Live broadcast on Vasantham

3. Deepavali Gastronomy

Calling all epicureans, game to experience and enjoy the best of Singaporean Indian cuisine this Deepavali? Savour sumptuous traditional Indian fare, as well as a slew of festive specialty dishes at Little India’s wide range of restaurants and eateries. Each participating restaurant will feature their own unique Indian dish or specialty cuisine.

With Deepavali Gastronomy running from 14 October to 22 November 2020, there’s plenty of time to plan a festive feast for your eyes and tastebuds. As an added sweet treat, look out for an online competition on our social media channels, where you can take part and win exciting prizes!

Deepavali Gastronomy
When: 14 October – 22 November 2020; during the opening hours of participating restaurants
Where: Stay tuned, list of participating restaurants in Little India coming soon!

4. Community on Colours – Rangoli Art Installation

Traditionally created from coloured rice powder or rice grains, modern-day Rangoli uses coloured sand, flowers and even paper quilling to form lovely designs that often incorporate geometric patterns or symbolic flora and fauna. These eye-catching works of art adorn the entryways and courtyards of homes during Deepavali and are hard to miss.

Beautiful and intricate, the art of Rangoli will be on full display at the Community on Colours – Rangoli Art Installation, taking place at POLI @ Hindoo Road. The exhibition is coordinated by renowned and acclaimed Rangoli artist Vijaya Mohan, who holds a Guinness World Record for the largest Rangoli in the world and 7 other Singapore records in various categories. It features Rangoli designs created by members of various Voluntary Welfare Organisations (VWOs).

Community on Colours – Rangoli Art Installation
When: 31 October – 6 December 2020
Where: POLI @ Hindoo Road

5. Dheebam – Deepavali Story

A colourful virtual drama, Dheebam is a live retelling of the Deepavali Story performed in English. A new initiative sees Dheebam taking to a virtual platform this year, with certain components pre-recorded in locations around Little India. Anticipate colourful costumes, special props, and catchy dance numbers incorporated into the drama narrative. The twist: YOU can play a part in Dheebam, as the drama takes an interactive approach between the artists and online audiences!

Dheebam – Deepavali Story
When: 7 November 2020, 7:00pm
Where: Stay tuned for screening details

6. Amarkala Deepavali Countdown Concert

Ring in the Festival of Lights with the Amarkala Deepavali Countdown Concert. An energetic celebration full of light, sound, and colour, the annual concert is a partnership between LiSHA and MediaCorp’s Vasantham. Broadcast live from MediaCorp’s studios to all households in Singapore, party the night away with over 100 Vasantham artistes and invited celebrities.

Amarkala Deepavali Countdown Concert
When: 13 November 2020, 10:00pm – 12:30am
Where: Vasantham

7. Mega Deepavali Online Show

Happy Deepavali from Singapore to the world! The Mega Deepavali Online Show is a 2-hour showcase of Deepavali as it is celebrated uniquely in multicultural Singapore, including a specially commissioned video about Little India and a new Deepavali Community Song. Produced in Singapore, the show features songs, dances, and skits by local celebrities and performing groups, and will be broadcast across TV channels in the USA, UK, Australia, France, Tokyo, Manila, Malaysia, UAE, and India. The show will also be screened by LiSHA and participating international associations on their respective digital platforms.

Mega Deepavali Online Show
When: 14 November 2020, 10:00am – 12:00pm
Where: LiSHA’s digital platforms

Experience the Festival of Lights, celebrated by Indian communities all over the world, by joining us in these festivities! Whether you’re joining us from sunny Singapore or online from abroad, you’ll be sure to feel the energy and bright vibes of Deepavali – the most anticipated cultural event on the Indian calendar.

If you’re planning to make a trip down, do remember to observe the appropriate social distancing and safety measures for a safe and enjoyable experience!